What is this?
Sugarish is an easy way to manage your shopping list with family and friends. 
Why did you build it?
On a weekly basis, my wife and I play the game of "What do you want from the store?" followed by silence, even though stuff needed to be bought. Having the ability to add items via mobile and access by the group whenever made a lot of sense.
How do I get started?
Assuming you added Facebook connections when booting up, simply click the "+" icon to add items.
Do connections get notified when I add new items?
Why do I have to login with Facebook?
Because our service is dependent on connecting you with people you already know, Facebook is the best option. The alternative would be to have everyone create a new account, which we think is less appealing.
What are the "lock" icons for?
Our free version - adding items via text - is free. We charge a modest, one-time fee of 99 cents to add the ability to include items via photo or voice-to-text.
Do you resell my personal info?
How do I clear an item off my list?
Check the box to the right of the item and click the Refresh icon.
How did you get my picture?
We pull this image from your Facebook profile.

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