Cloud. Real-Time Collaboration.

Lists are so much better with loved ones. Sugarish allows you to easily connect via Facebook and add your shopping items to a shared list where everyone can see in real-time. No more asking or getting asked, “Do you need anything from the store?” With Sugarish simply add items on-the-go. Out of toothpaste? Pull out your phone.

Free. Because You Love FREE.

Our basic app is free. Your money is better served filling up your fridge, cupboards and closets anyway. We wanted to make sure that when you invite friends and family into your shopping group, that it came without strings. Optional: You can upgrade for a small fee and get even more convenient features.

Photos. Add Items by Snapping Pics.

It’s no fun writing out Starbucks Breakfast Blend Mile Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz Bag or whatever. So just take a photo. It’s perfect for making sure you get the exact item. This feature is a 99ยข upgrade, but we think you’ll agree it’s worth it. You also get voice-to-text by upgrading.

No Ads. We Hate Them Too.

Display ads on mobile apps are the worst. They make using them clunky and annoying. That’s why we’ve taken them out. No ads. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Manage your shopping list and share with your group, minus the interruptions.